CONVOYER Integrates AMEX Global Business Travel

Our goal at CONVOYER is to provide you with a seamless travel experience. We do so by providing military veterans as travel accompaniment service providers to you or your loved ones during travel.  Our network of screened military veterans, known as Convoyers, are there to assist with the nuances and obstacles present during modern day travel. Our job is to accompany you to your destination as seamlessly as possible. Your job is to enjoy the journey.  CONVOYER accommodates domestic multi-day trips, both one-way and round-trip, as well as local trips or excursions.  

Want a window seat? We can handle that.

Want a window seat? We can handle that.

The team here at CONVOYER is excited to announce that we now have a full, end-to-end booking solution that keeps your itinerary synced with our Convoyer during your upcoming travels.  CONVOYER recently partnered with American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT) adding some additional, powerful capabilities to your travel experience. CONVOYER can now book any of your train trips, flights, rental cars, or even lodging - all through preferred carriers & service providers.  This capability creates a seamless travel experience between the Convoyer’s itinerary and yours, which ensures you and our Convoyer stay in sync throughout the travel experience. Book with us and AMEX GBT will ensure that your Convoyer stays by your side. 

No itinerary, no problem!  

We receive requests from travelers quite regularly asking if we can book their travel, and now the answer is yes!  With our recent AMEX GBT partnership, we can create your itinerary as a guest traveler to our Convoyers’ itinerary, ensuring each portion of the trip is completely synced through to your destination.  

If you have an itinerary, one extra step takes place in our booking process in which you simply provide your end-to-end itinerary and we sync our Convoyer’s itinerary with yours.  This helps us keep the Convoyer by your side in the case you’ve already booked on your own.

Preferred Carriers & Service Providers

When booking with CONVOYER, enjoy accessibility to the top airlines, hotels, rental cars, and Amtrak rail.  CONVOYER can book your lodging with over 42,000 properties across the world. When it comes to booking flights, we now have dedicated seats on 42 of the world’s most trusted airlines.  Are you a frequent flyer, hotel rewards holder, or a member of any travel advantage programs? Simply share your member number during your initial interview and we will update your profile with that information ensuring you earn your rewards during travel.  

24/7 Travel Care & Proactive Support

Booking with CONVOYER ensures you will never be bumped from an overbooked flight.  American Express Global Business Travel owns inventory on each of the flights, which holds your seat even if the flight is overbooked.  Let’s say an inevitable cancellation or delay occurs, our Convoyer has one-touch access to AMEX GBT travel consultants who can get your trip back on track as soon as possible.  Just sit back and relax, let your Convoyer handle the obstacles.

AMEX Global Travel comes equipped with a feature-rich app that keeps you ahead of the delays, cancellations, and other nuances that occur when flying.   Our Convoyers receive proactive support from the AMEX team through the app, essentially identifying upcoming delays and suggesting alternate options to get you to your destination.  Once they update their itinerary, yours syncs and follows suit. See the video below for an overview on the AMEX GBT Smartphone App.

AMEX Global Travel Smartphone App

Book your next trip with CONVOYER for unparalleled travel accompaniment and a seamless travel experience.

Grandmother & granddaughter accompanied home to Brooklyn, NY after holiday

Train travel is increasingly popular for travelers in areas of high-urban density.

Train travel is increasingly popular for travelers in areas of high-urban density.

This past Saturday, CONVOYER had the privilege of being part of a family’s journey and the beginning of a tradition that we hope lasts for years to come. Accompanied by a Convoyer, our client, Mary, and her 2½ year old granddaughter, Elizabeth, traveled via train from Lancaster, PA to Brooklyn, NY to reconnect Elizabeth with her parents after a special grandmother-granddaughter summer holiday.

Before engaging CONVOYER, Mary considered either driving Elizabeth back to Brooklyn, or asking her son to drive to Lancaster to pick her up. However, our client wanted to enjoy the travel experience with her granddaughter, and to not have to worry about battling summer traffic or feeling like she was burdening her son and daughter-in-law by asking them to make the drive from Brooklyn and back. Mary decided that a train ride with Elizabeth was how she wanted to spend the last few hours of her grandmother-granddaughter holiday, but Mary knew that traveling by train with a 2 ½ year old and her associated luggage (car seat, stroller, etc.) would be quite challenging.

Upon deciding to use CONVOYER’s services, CONVOYER received Mary’s request, worked with her to understand the goals of the trip, and supported her aspirations by pairing her and Elizabeth with a Convoyer who accompanied their travel.

“It was so reassuring to have a Convoyer to help me travel with my granddaughter...we had lots of baby gear with a stroller, car seat, snacks, and luggage and I was anxious to deliver her safely back to her Mom & Dad. The Convoyer was confident, capable, friendly and took charge helping us onto the train, finding seats, maneuvering our gear through Penn Station and helping us into an Uber to our destination in Brooklyn. I had the luxury of focusing on my granddaughter instead of the logistics of travel. I knew if we had a delay or problem that our Convoyer had the experience and knowledge to get us safely to our destination. His experience as a veteran was very reassuring and I was also very pleased to support a veteran. Thank you. I look forward to more Convoyer assisted travel.”

Mary, Convoyer client

The Convoyer who accompanied our clients is an undergraduate student at Columbia University and a former member of the US Army Special Forces. The Convoyer, like all our Convoyers, was screened and selected to be a part of the CONVOYER platform after careful vetting of their military service record, a background check, an interview, reference checks and review of our travel and hospitality modules.

“The client was friendly and polite. We immediately established a rapport that was due to similar interests in travelling and sharing our past experiences.”

At CONVOYER, a veteran-owned and operated company, we plan for the unexpected and decisively act no matter the situation. Our goal is for our clients to feel connected to family and friends. We enable our clients to create memories with the confidence and assistance they require; from carrying car seats and strollers to help make that tight connection while grandchildren are running in multiple directions, to picking up a grandparent in a distant city and accompanying them to a wedding. Give yourself and your family peace of mind when they travel. As veterans we know life often doesn’t go as planned, but with a Convoyer at your side, you’ve planned for the unexpected. We’re on duty so you don’t have to be. Be Accompanied. Travel with Confidence.

Disclaimer: names have been changed in order to protect our clients’ privacy.

How will traveling with a Convoyer revolutionize your travel experience?

Put your feet up, we will take care of the rest.

Put your feet up, we will take care of the rest.

Seamless travel is often the exception, not the rule, but it doesn’t have to be. Mission oriented, situationally aware and service tested, our providers (also known as “Convoyers”) deliver their clients a travel experience from days gone by with the discipline and precision you except of our nation’s finest. Envision being accompanied to the airport in a chauffeured car, your bags unloaded and carried to the check-in counter, then proceeding through security to a relaxing lounge while your departure details are confirmed. After enjoying breakfast and the morning paper, your Convoyer returns to explain that bad weather has interrupted your next flight. Your Convoyer has pre-arranged for your ticket to be re-booked, you proceed to the counter to confirm the changes and you depart for your new gate. You ultimately arrive at your destination, relaxed and on time. Phones, apps, 1-800 numbers and customer service counters can be a solution to travel delays and disruption, but we prefer our clients travel with highly capable individuals who anticipate challenges and act on their instincts. Don’t spend your time traveling at the ticket counter or on hold, spend it enjoying your journey and the adventure that awaits.

How can I book a Convoyer for my family's next trip?

CONVOYER is available through leading travel agencies, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) and global concierge services, as well as through our direct-to-consumer platform. If you are booking your next trip through a travel agency, refer your travel agent to CONVOYER and we will seamlessly integrate our services with your itinerary to provide your family with the confidence, experience and discretion they deserve. If you have not yet booked your travel, CONVOYER will gladly introduce you to our partner travel agencies who look forward to creating an unforgettable itinerary for you, your family and your Convoyer. If a loved one resides at a CCRC, engage their travel department to contact CONVOYER or engage CONVOYER directly. We will help you plan a travel itinerary for your family member so they can depart and return to their residence with ease and comfort.