What is CONVOYER, and what can it do for you and your family?

Making memories…

Making memories…

In short, we provide accompanied travel and mobility services to our clientele by experienced military professionals. CONVOYER enables families to create memories with peace of mind by accompanying their loved ones as they travel. As older generations live longer and more active lives, they want to continue attending important life events: graduations, weddings, birthday parties, reunions and family gatherings. Without supportive family available to accompany a grandparent, a mother with young children, or simply an older couple looking for additional support, traveling can be a daunting task.

CONVOYER is the solution. Have your mom attend her grandson’s 5th birthday party without worrying how she’ll get from Florida to New York City on 4th of July weekend. Have your wife meet you with the kids in Europe at the end of your business trip, knowing the hassles and uncertainty of international travel and mountains of luggage will be handled. Ensure dad makes it to his annual golf tournament with his college friends, while alleviating mom’s concern that he shouldn’t travel alone. CONVOYER gives you peace of mind and your family the confidence they deserve by matching you with carefully selected veterans whose unique experience will become your family’s greatest travel asset.