Q: How much does this service cost?

Each itinerary is different, and the cost scaled to each client’s needs. The client is responsible for their travel expenses (i.e. airfare and related travel expenses), the Convoyer’s travel expenses, and the Convoyer’s rate for accompaniment services.

Q: Will CONVOYER take care of the travel arrangements?

A: Yes, we are happy to make the travel arrangements for you. We will research and build the most appropriate itinerary available and arrange other necessary accommodations to meet your needs. We also welcome working with your own travel agent or preferred travel providers.

Q: Who can benefit from our service?

A: If you cannot accompany your parent or child during their travels, or are looking for assistance when traveling yourself or traveling with your own children or parents, CONVOYER can help. Seniors, anyone with travel anxiety, and those who simply do not want to travel alone can benefit from the presence of a Convoyer.

Q: How do I know that I will be in good hands?

A: CONVOYER’s vetting process of its service providers (known as ‘Convoyers’) includes rounds of interviews, certification of honorable military service, reference checks, and passage of a background check. The veterans that will be assigned to assist you or your loved ones are dedicated to service and are eager to serve you and your family’s travel needs.

Q: How do I get to MY TRAVEL destination?

A: We can pick you up at your home or meet you at your departure or arrival transportation hub (airport, port, train station). Convoyers do not operate modes of transportation (cars, planes, boats) in order to allow them to focus on bringing peace of mind to you and your family during your travels at all times.

Q: Will my Convoyer carry my luggage and handle other travel burdens?

A: Convoyers are trained professionals that exist to give you an elevated travel experience. Your door will be opened, your bags will be carried, your itinerary will be anticipated. While you enjoy a cup of coffee at the airport, your Convoyer will be confirming the departure gate, confirming destination arrangements, and checking contingency plans. You will be escorted to the departure gate without worrying when and where to be, your Convoyer has everything taken care of.

Q: What happens if my trip changes?

A: Throughout your trip, your Convoyer will be monitoring any changes to your planned itinerary and will remain at your side. Your designated friend or family member will be notified of any changes to your itinerary. Engaging CONVOYER enables you and your family to handle unexpected travel disruptions.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, PayPal, cash or check.

Q: Could you accompany me throughout an entire vacation?

A: Yes. We can accompany you on a day trip within a single city, a one-way flight, an entire vacation or extended travel.

Q: Do you provide medical assistance?

CONVOYER is happy to assist those who have difficulty walking and/or other minor health issues, but CONVOYER does not provide medical services. Many Convoyers have medical training backgrounds, however, CONVOYER does not provide nurses or civilian health care professionals at this time.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Convoyers are located throughout the United States and will be matched to you based on a number of factors including location and availability.  Our ultimate concern is your satisfaction with our service, so if you have any specific requests, we will do our best to meet and exceed them.

Q: What does convoyer hope to provide you and your family?

Our goal is your peace of mind. Be accompanied. Travel with confidence. Travel with CONVOYER.