CONVOYER is a network of military veterans that provides trusted travel mobility services.

Our Mission

Empower individuals and families to travel and create memories with confidence.

Our values

  • Mission First - provide unparalleled service to clients

  • Treat clients like family

  • Give back to the veteran community

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Our community of Convoyers have dedicated their professional lives to serving their country and their community. Their unique experience in executing challenging missions in uncertain situations is now your asset. The desire to serve is ingrained in Convoyers and they now stand ready to serve you and your family.

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Founded by Marine Convoy Commanders

CONVOYER was founded by three Marine Officers who served as Convoy Commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan. These young officers left active duty to attend law school and business school which led to careers in New York where they eventually re-connected. Working long hours and traveling for business, they no longer had the time to travel with and escort family members to-and-from important life events as they had previously done.

Through this, they realized the need for reliable and professional travel accompaniment of those important to them. They recognized that this was the same capability that they and their Marines provided in combat: the planning and execution of convoys - the escort and delivery of highly valued people and goods with a maximum degree of professionalism.

The resource existed: a network of professional military veterans in communities throughout the country, imbued with the values of service and mission accomplishment, standing ready to allow you and your family to travel with ease and confidence. From their experience, CONVOYER was born. CONVOYER connects capability with need. Travel with confidence.